If you have been in the job market for an extended period of time, it can be tempting to create a resume of broad skills and experience that can be sent out to a variety of employers and industries. However, that is not the most effective strategy for catching the attention of hiring managers who are looking for qualifications that are specific to the position. Customizing your resume for each position for which you are applying is important, but how detailed and individualized should you make your resume for a specific job?

1. Create Industry Specific Resumes

If you have been in the work force for a significant period of time, you have acquired skills and experience that can be utilized in many industries. A standard resume should be created for each industry that can be further customized based on an available position.

2. Mirror Keywords from Job Posting

Because the number of applicants applying for a given position has increased dramatically, employers rely on software to initially scan and vet online resumes for keywords before considering a candidate. Incorporate key words from the job posting into your resume to ensure that your pertinent experience can be quickly identified.

3. Describe How You Meet an Employer’s Needs

Employers want to know what sets you apart from other candidates even before offering you an interview. Expand upon the relevant experiences and accomplishments that showcase the strengths and advantages you possess.

4. Be Selective

Submitting a generic resume that lists all of your prior work experiences can appear unfocused to hiring managers. It will be obvious that you did not make the effort to highlight the specific skills that are required for the position. Only include details that are directly related to the job you are applying for.

5. Be Accurate and Honest

Exaggerating your skills and experience in a resume is never a good idea. Employers can easily verify your credibility through reference checks and eventually will discover your untruthfulness. Honesty should always prevail when creating a resume.

Before submitting your resume, make sure you have taken into consideration the experience required by the position and incorporate only relevant information. Review the job posting for key words that can easily be identified by scanning software or recruiters. The small amount of extra effort it takes to customize your resume for each position will prove to be a successful strategy.