Resume Writing

Your resume is critical to the image you present to potential employers. If you’re lost for words on how to best “sell” yourself, Writing Associates can help. We use clear language that gets your message across in your:

  • Resumé
  • Cover letter
  • Career related documents

With the economy slowly improving and more jobs now available, it is important that your résumé stand out among the other applicants and catch the attention of your prospective employer.  Today, a job offer can attract between 100 and 1,000 résumés.  Cover letters and résumés are critical to creating the image you want to present.  If you are looking for guidance on how to best “sell” yourself in order to obtain the job you want, let Writing Associates help.

Our team of experienced writers and expert editors will create a one-of-a kind, professionally written résumé.  No matter what career field you are looking to enter, Writing Associates has helped people achieve their ideal job in nearly every field of endeavor through effective career-related documents.  Even among fierce competition, your résumé from Writing Associates will spark the interest of potential employers and should earn you an invitation to interview with their company.

Professional Resume Writing

Rules of Professional Resume Writing

The “rules” of résumé writing are constantly being changed and updated as the work environment evolves; chances are that the résumé you used during your last job search is more inadequate than you now realize.  Your career goals and the purpose of your resume have likely changed.  A successful résumé not only informs employers about your previous achievements and experiences, but will highlight your areas of skill and knowledge that will most benefit their company and provide them with the qualities and capabilities they are seeking in a candidate.  Employers will be convinced that you have what it takes in order to succeed in the position and will be interested in meeting you and learning more about what you have to offer them.

Many job applicants mistakenly write their résumés under the premise that it should show a comprehensive employment history.  While it is true that most of the content of a résumé focuses on job history, Writing Associates will develop your résumé in a manner that will create interest and persuade the employer that the skills and knowledge you have acquired from your past employment will benefit their company immensely.

Most people do not know where to begin when faced with writing or updating a résumé.  Writing résumés can cause stress and panic for many people who are not confident in their writing skills.  Let Writing Associates alleviate your stress by creating a résumé that exemplifies you and the work you excel in.