In the world of technical communication there are many paths. For example, my career has taken me through various jobs where I was an Information Architect, a Documentation Specialist, a Technical Writer/Trainer, and a Technical Training Facilitator. Sometimes my job title changed dramatically within the same organization. It can be confusing for someone observing from outside (and sometimes even for those of us inside) the industry. But at the heart of each of my jobs, I was a Technical Communicator.

TechComm_Terms_GraphicWhile some of the distinctions were small, some were large – as wide as an ocean.

If you’re a Doc Specialist and applying for a new job as an Information Architect, you might think, “slam-dunk”. You may expect that your experience will help you land the job even though the job description is quite different from the one you currently occupy. Right? Maybe not.

You’re probably the perfect candidate to take the certificate training offered by the International Technical Qualification Foundation.

The ITCQF provides training that results in a Certificate in Technical Communication. Among other things, the training:

  • Clarifies the roles and tasks of technical communicators
  • Identifies necessary skills development for tech comm workers
  • Establishes steps necessary to prepare initial documentation plans
  • Enables participants to understand and follow the documentation creation process
  • Teaches participants how to apply fundamental rules and good practices for information presentation


ITCQF provides intensive, 2-day training at a reasonable cost. It can elevate your skills to a level where you can comfortably and expertly move through the technical communication world providing great value to your employers. Visit the website for more details.